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A Life through a Lens

can still remember the excitement of looking through the little red window on the back of my Kodak Brownie as I turned the winding knob on past the arrows to  frame number one! I was fourteen years old and had just been 'bitten' by the photography bug.

Still at school and would be for one more year I had been 'volunteered' to take pictures for our ecology field trips. This suited me fine as I was never very good at writing stuff!
Once the roll of eight exposures was completed I legged it speed fast to the chemist shop in the village and four or five days later collected the finished 'enprints' which were then mounted into scrap books back at school.

 What really hooked me though was when I cut out the chemist shop and started to develop my own work.The magic of seeing an image 'come to life' in the developer tray under a red safelight never failed to amaze me.
 I left school at the tender age of fifteen without any qualifications and started work in a camera shop owned by George Deacon who became my mentor. George was an excellent photographer and an even better teacher.
Two years later I joined a commercial photographer called Dick Claydon who taught me pretty much everything I would ever need to know.
In 1968 with the help of £50 from my dear old dad I started my own business and together with my darling wife set up the first of what would be four studios in Eastbourne specialising in wedding, portrait and commercial photography.
Over the next forty or so years I was very fortunate to work alongside some very talented professionals including Gordon Wilsher, Eldon Johnson, Robert Turner and the wonderfully talented Marie Stone.
Now that I am 'semi' retired I have gone back to my roots and re-kindled my love for photography of the incredible world that surrounds us.
Of course all of my photography now is digital and I really miss working in film. However I still like my work to look like real photographs which means keeping tight control of ‘post processing’ So many images these days are over manipulated and have little bearing on the scene that was in front of the camera!
I do hope that you will enjoy looking at the images displayed on this website as much as I have have enjoyed taking them.
Peter Goldsmith